How to Keep Pokemon Go Players Out of Your Cemetery

You'd think it would go with out saying that playing games on your phone while trampling through a cemetery is disrespectful and poor behavior. However, apparently that's not always the case. More and more sacred locations are finding themselves inundated with troups of zombie-looking people walking around staring at their phones...while paying absolutely no attention to their surroundings. Even the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery and the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. have found it necessary to point out that their locations are not appropriate places for playing Pokemon Go.

Why Cemeteries?

pokemon go in cemeteriesOne of the keys to playing the game are to find Pokestops, which are essentially free item drops placed around the world. They are mostly located at important cultural spots, such as statues, public buildings, and other public locations. Since cemeteries fit into the category, many were unfortunately set up as Pokestops.

Pokemon Gyms are also gathering spots for players. Gyms are where players go to gain strength and improve battle skills. Players have the ability to create their own gyms (and many businesses have done so to attract potential patrons). While it's less likely that a gym would be created in a cemetery, it is possible.

Of additional issue for cemeteries is that there are stories floating around stating that the the Ghost type Pokemons (Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar) typically spawn near graveyards/cemeteries. Since these Pokemon are quite rare, people will go to grave sites to try and catch them. There were also rumors stating that they spawn more commonly at night, enticing players to enter the premises after normal hours.

What to Do About It

The game's developer isn't breaking any laws and can't be held responsible for the actions of their users. However, they will allow anyone to request their location be removed as a Pokestop or Gym. This should be your first step, and instructions on how to do so are below.

If that doesn't solve the problem, a sign near the entrance of your facility kindly asking visitors not to play there could be helpful. The good news is, this fad will fade, and probably do so quickly. So, regardless of how inconsiderate players may be, it's unlikely they'll be around much longer.

How to Request the Removal of a PokéStop or Gym

Go to game developer Niantic's website by clicking here and fill out the form to request the removal of a PokéStop from private property, or for other reasons. You'll need to supply an email address and a reason why you're looking to remove the PokéStop. You can also include documents or photos with your request. The more information you can provide them, the better.

Keep in mind, you're likely to just get an auto-response saying your request was received. Niantic doesn't state when, or even if, it will be removed.
May 01, 2016 by Chuck Clark

Cemetery Flower Arrangement Ideas for Memorial Day

Choosing the right flower arrangement to honor a loved one on Memorial Day doesn't need to be a daunting task. The fist step should always be to check the rules and regulations for the cemetery. Not all cemeteries have the same rules regarding the decorating of graves, and some, such as National Cemeteries, can have very stringent rules. You definitely don't want to spend time and money only to find that your flowers were removed from the grave and thrown away because they violated cemetery policy.

The second thing to consider is your budget. How many graves do you want to decorate, and how much money do you want to spend? It's very easy to leave flowers at a grave for less than $10, and it's also very easy to spend several hundred dollars per grave. There is no right or wrong on how much to spend. That's purely a personal decision you should base on your own opinion and financial situation.

The final consideration is selecting the arrangement, itself. We've highlighted a few ideas below that are our most popular items during the Memorial Day season. Keep in mind that red, white , and blue patriotic colors aren't the only choice for this time of year.As a matter of fact, the vast majority of the arrangements we sell this time of year aren't patriotic in nature.

If you would like to browse our entire Memorial Day collection, click here.

Premium Rosebud Spray with Fuchsia Pink and Lavender Flowers

Memorial Day Headstone Saddle ArrangementThis big, bold headstone saddle arrangement makes a stunning display when placed upon any headstone. It measures 32" side to side, 16" front to back, and stands 9" tall. The arrangement is a beautiful mound of pink, fuchsia, and lavender rosebuds filled in with baby's breath and leafy greens to make a large, full headstone topper. This spray arrangement can also be displayed on the ground covering the burial site, or on an easel.

Red White and Blue Hero Wreath for Veterans

Memorial Day Cemetery WreathThis 18" diameter wreath is perfect for the grave of US military veteran, police officer, fireman, or other first-responder. The wreath is made with artificial red, white, and blue carnations, and comes with a display easel to hold the wreath upright. White accent flowers and greenery completes the look. The matching blue ribbons are connected with a ribbon that says, "Hero".

Patriotic American White Wood Cross

This 24" tall white wooden cross is mounted with an artificial flower arrangement featuring red, white, and blue carnations, small white daisies, and fern greenery. The cross includes a coordinating blue bow, and is a great way to honor any Veteran or other American Patriot. The cross can be easily placed into the ground, and also makes a great roadside or temporary memorial.

Round Rosebud Cemetery Vase with Red White and Blue Flowers

Memorial Day cemetery vaseThis cemetery flower vase is a silk bouquet featuring patriotic red, white, and blue rosebuds. The flowers are complimented with baby's breath, accenting greenery, and a coordinating bow to fill it out. The arrangement ships in a plastic granite gray vase with a floral foam insert to stabilize the bouquet while on display. It has a stake to make it easy to insert into the ground, and stay upright. It can also be displayed in a permanent grave marker vase. The flowers stand 24" tall.

If you're looking for other Memorial Day flower arrangements, including those that aren't patriotic themed, visit our entire seasonal collection by clicking here.


May 01, 2016 by Chuck Clark

The Most Visited Grave Sites in America

Most of us make regular visits to grave sites of loved ones we've lost. However, for many people, their list of loved ones extends to celebrities and other public figures, whom they've never actually met. Below we've listed some of the most visited grave sites in America. They're not listed in any particular order because it's difficult to determine exactly how many people visit each grave on an annual basis.

President John F. Kennedy - Arlington National Cemetery - Arlington, VA

The day President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the New York Times announced, "The president was expected to be buried at the Kennedy family plot in Holyhood Cemetery, near Brookline, Mass. He is a native of Boston." However, Jacqueline Kennedy, the President's widow, arranged to have him buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Her wishes were stated simply, "He belongs to the people." On May 23, 1994, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was buried next to President Kennedy.

Michael Jackson - Forrest Lawn Cemetery - Glendale, CA

The King of Pop is buried in the Holly Terrace section of The Great Mausoleum in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California. Forest Lawn is the final resting place of many Hollywood celebrities, and attract well over a million visitors each year. The Holly Terrace section is private and off-limits to the public, but thousands come each day to leave flowers just outside.

Elvis headstone

Elvis Presley - Graceland - Memphis, TN

When the King died in August of 1977, he was interned in a mausoleum in Forest Hills Cemetery in Memphis, TN next to his mother, Gladys. However, fans and souvenir seekers often tampered with his grave, so Elvis and his mother were moved to their current resting place at Graceland. More than 600,000 visitors still come to Graceland each year. 

Frank Sinatra - Palm Springs, CA

Ol' Blue Eyes is buried at Desert Memorial Park in Palm Springs, CA. He was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a pack of Camel cigarettes in his suit pockets. After all, you don't want to head to the afterlife without the basic necessities. Sinatra's final resting place is also home to the graves of Sonny Bono, and songwriter, Jimmy Van Heusen (who wrote several of Sinatra's most famous songs). The inscription on his gravestone reads, "The best is yet to come."

Bruce Lee - Seattle, WA

Bruce Lee and his son, Brandon , are buried side by side at Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle, WA. The KungFu star died unexpectedly at age 32, just weeks before the release of his hit movie Enter the Dragon. Though the official cause of death was an allergic reaction to aspirin, rumors persist that he died as a result of an evil curse.

Johnny Cash - Hendersonville, TN

The Man in Black passed away on September 12th, 2003 from diabetes. He's buried next to his wife, June Carter Cash at the Hendersonville Memory Garden in Henderson, TN, which is just outside of Nashville. June passed away just months before Johhny. The Cash grave site attracts nearly as many visitors each year as Graceland.

Marilyn Monroe - Westwood Village Memorial Park - Westwood, CA

Like Michael Jackson, the blonde bombshell is interned near many other Hollywood stars, which makes access to her grave site difficult. Other graves found in this small cemetery include the likes of Natalie Wood, Dean Martin, Roy Orbison, Carroll O'Connor, Don Knotts, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Truman Capote, Burt Lancaster, George C. Scott, and Eva Gabor. Needless to say, it attracts throngs of visitors.

If you visit any of these famous sites, please remember to be courteous and respectful. While all of these people seemed larger than life, they're all somebody's loved one. If you're curious about the graves of other celebrities, you can find more information on don't forget to bring memorial flowers from Graveside Flowers!

August 30, 2015 by Chuck Clark

Silk Cemetery Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Graveside Flowers has published our Christmas Collection of floral arrangements for 2014, and we would like to spotlight a few of our most popular items.

Headstone Sprays

Christmas Headstone Spray with Silk Poinsettias - 30 Inch - This economical headstone spray is priced at only $34.95, including the saddle. It's designed to site flat on the top of a grave market, but it could also be displayed on the ground as a small grave blanket. This beautiful spray is constructed of large, red poinsettias with smaller white poinsettias as accents. A large red bow in the center and greenery for accents completes the package. Click here for more details about this spray.


Christmas Poinsettia Cross - This is the nicest of our Christmas specific crosses. It stands 22" tall and is covered completely in red poinsettias, holly leaves, and small white poinsettias for accents. A red bow in the center of the cross ties it all together. The cross includes and easel for easy display at the grave site. To get more details about this cross, click here.


Christmas wreath
Christmas - 16 inch Artificial Poinsettia Wreath - At 16" in diameter, this wreath is the perfect size for most grave and memorial sites. The wreath is a beautiful ring of holly and ferns covered in red poinsettias and holly berries. A red bow on both sides balances out the presentation. This particular wreath is very popular because not only is it perfect for grave sites, but it also can be used in non-cemetery applications, such as your home or office. The 16" size makes it look great on doors! Click here to learn more, or buy one today.


Christmas - 17 Inch Round Cemetery Vase with Poinsettias - Our most popular Christmas vase, is the 17" round poinsettia vase. At only $29.99 these vases are an affordable option that makes a beautiful memorial display for the Holidays. These vases are very popular for flat grave markers that lay on the ground, but if you buy a pair and put one on either side, they also make a stunning display for upright gravestones. These vases have silk poinsettia plants secured with floral foam, and stick into the ground with a stake on the bottom. These are a perfect choice for cemeteries that are prone to high winds, as they easily stay put once secured in the ground. To get more details about this vase, or buy one for your loved one, click here.

Much More

The products highlighted above are just a small portion of the Christmas and Holiday cemetery arrangements we have available. If you would like to view the entire collection, you can do so by clicking here.
December 03, 2014 by Chuck Clark

How to Choose Memorial Flowers for Holidays

Because we carry a wide variety of flowers for graves, some of our customers have expressed the need for some guidance when it comes to choosing an arrangement. Here is a list of holidays and suggestions for your floral choices that we hope will make your decision easier. Please remember that these are just suggestions. There are no right or wrong cemetery flowers to buy. It is a personal decision based on individual preferences. We believe any memorial flowers at all will honor your loved one’s memory and show that you care. Here are some holiday guidelines that may help you choose your graveside flowers:


Valentine’s Day – Heart-shaped wreaths, round wreaths and vase bouquets are popular for Valentine’s Day along with pink, red and white flowers.

Easter – Pastel colors represent Easter well. Larger displays like headstone sprays and, of course, crosses are very fitting to help celebrate the human triumph over death and spiritual immortality. St. Patrick’s Day – If your loved one was of Irish decent, celebrate this holiday with green wreaths or bushes.

Mother’s Day – Anything goes on Mother’s Day. Some prefer heart-shaped wreaths. Others like traditional vase bouquets. Our graveside pillows with the word “Mom” in flowers are very popular as well.  To see our most popular Mother's Day arrangements, click here.

Memorial Day – You can’t go wrong with red, white and blue. Round wreaths and crosses are good choices for this holiday. If your loved one died while serving his or her country, a headstone spray will display your special respect and pride. To see our most popular Memorial Day arrangements, click here.

Father’s Day – Bolder colors work well for Father’s Day. Blue, red, orange and white are great choices. Round wreaths, crosses and heart-shaped wreaths are all very appropriate. To see our most popular Father's Day arrangements, click here.

Independence Day – Red, white and blue are the obvious choices to celebrate this holiday. Bushes and wreaths are popular styles. To see our most popular flower arrangements for the 4th of July, click here.

Veteran’s Day – Crosses are very popular for Veteran’s Day to remind us that this loved one served his or her country. If he or she made the ultimate sacrifice, a larger floral display like a headstone spray or bush could be very appropriate. Patriotic colors are always fitting.

Labor Day – Anything goes for Labor Day. Wreaths, bushes, bouquets, crosses, pillows and headstone sprays are all appropriate. Colors vary as well. If your loved one had a favorite color , look for something that includes it. Choosing autumn colors will take you into the fall season as well.

Grandparent’s Day – The Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparent’s Day. Round wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths and pillows that say “Grandma” or “Grandpa” are perfect for this holiday. Maybe let the grand kids help pick this one out and start a discussion about their favorite memories of their grandparent(s). It’s a special way to keep their memory alive.

All Souls Day - This Christian holiday celebrated on November 2nd (November 3rd if Nov. 2nd is a Sunday) pays respect to the souls of all loved ones who have died and gone to heaven, but are still in purgatory. There are no traditional colors associated with All Souls Day, but fall colors work nicely since it is in November.

Thanksgiving – Traditional fall colors of burgundy, burnt orange and yellow are favorite choices for this holiday. Wreaths, vase bouquets, bushes and headstone sprays are all appropriate choices.

Christmas – Classic Christmas colors of red, green and white are popular with touches of silver and gold in the bows. Poinsettias are, of course, a great flower choice.

September 03, 2014 by Chuck Clark

Best Crosses and Decorations for Roadside Memorials

As you drive around on a daily basis you've probably noticed a surge in the number of roadside memorial sites you see. Roadside memorials are becoming an increasingly popular way of memorializing a loved one who perished in an accident.

If you're thinking about creating a memorial site to honor somebody you lost, there are a couple things to keep in mind. First of all, check with local regulations to see if they're even allowed, and if so, what limitations or special conditions they may require. You don't want to set up a memorial that will immediately be taken down, or worse yet, land you in legal trouble. Secondly, never set up a display on private property without getting the property owner's permission first.

Once you're sure it's OK to establish your site, you should think about whether you want to plan it out, or just allow it to happen in an impromptu manner. Either way you choose, a cross is typically the cornerstone of any memorial site. You can then add balloons, stuffed animals (for children who were lost) photographs of the deceased, and any personal items that you think represent who this person was.

One thing you should definitely keep in mind is when it comes to memorial sites, especially those on public roads, less is more. Don't allow your site to spread out too far, and don't allow it to become too gaudy. While the site is personal to you, everybody will see it. The other good reason to keep the site small and tasteful is it will be less likely to get taken down. If you put up something that huge and/or unattractive, you shouldn't be surprised when you return to the site and find it cleared away.

At Graveside Flowers, we carry a wide array of crosses that are perfect for the start of your roadside memorial. We offer several different sizes and colors. All of them are sturdy and designed to withstand harsh weather. They're also created to be easily paced in the ground. (If you live in a part of the country that has hard clay or rocky soil, you may want to bring a screwdriver with you to loosen the ground before trying to insert the cross.

To see our collection of crosses and choose the one that's perfect for your memorial site, click here. *We offer free shipping on all orders over $19.99.



February 24, 2014 by Chuck Clark

How Artificial Flowers are Made


Artificial flowers are gaining in popularity for a myriad of uses. In addition to being used as grave site decorations and memorials, such as the flowers we offer, artificial flowers are seen much more often in the home, and even at weddings.


Their popularity on graves are obviously due to their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and lack of need for maintenance. However, their rise in popularity in the home and at weddings can be tied to the quality of the artificial flowers being produced today. Some flowers produced today are so life-like and realistic that you need to get right up to them and even touch them before you can tell they're not real. The question is, how do they make them look so real at such a reasonable price?artificial flower arrangement


Designing the Flowers

The first step in the manufacturing process is to design the flowers. In this day and age of computer aided design, this process is much faster, and more exact. Designers are able to use live examples to create two dimensional designs and three dimensional components for each individual flower to be used as molds and templates.


Choosing Materials

Due to cost of materials, most "silk" flowers aren't actually mad with silk. The term "silk flowers" has become interchangeable with "artificial flowers", which can lead to some confusion for consumers. The artificial flowers that are made with silk are very expensive, and not something you would typically use outdoors. In addition to silk, many of the softer (higher cost) flowers are made with cotton or rayon.


When it comes to lower priced versions, polyester and plastic are the materials most widely used. In addition to being lower in cost, these materials are much more durable and weather resistant, so the last longer and remain better looking during prolonged outdoor exposure. These flowers are the ones most suitable for use in cemetery, grave, or memorial setting. They're also the ones you can purchase here at Graveside Flowers.


Manufacturing the Flowers

Using the digital designs, flower manufacturers create molds of the individual flower components. In order to create the realistic look, the flower component are made individually and then assembled into the individual flowers or arrangements. To save on materials and make the products easier to display, bouquets and arrangements are often made using only one stem, rather than individual stems for each flower. On higher priced, handmade silk versions, you will get individual stems for each flower, just as you would with real flowers. however, once again, this contributes to the higher price of the flowers.


Choosing the Right Flowers

Before deciding on which flowers of various manufacturing process (and various prices) you should buy, you need to ask yourself what the flowers are for. If you want flowers that will be used as home decorations, choosing more expensive, handmade flowers would likely be your best option due to the realistic look and fee. If your flowers are going to be used in a wedding or other onetime event, your budget for the event should guide your decision. If you're buying flowers to use in an outdoor setting for long periods of time, the economical flowers you can buy here are your best option.


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