Cemetery Flower Arrangement Ideas for Memorial Day

Choosing the right flower arrangement to honor a loved one on Memorial Day doesn't need to be a daunting task. The fist step should always be to check the rules and regulations for the cemetery. Not all cemeteries have the same rules regarding the decorating of graves, and some, such as National Cemeteries, can have very stringent rules. You definitely don't want to spend time and money only to find that your flowers were removed from the grave and thrown away because they violated cemetery policy.

The second thing to consider is your budget. How many graves do you want to decorate, and how much money do you want to spend? It's very easy to leave flowers at a grave for less than $10, and it's also very easy to spend several hundred dollars per grave. There is no right or wrong on how much to spend. That's purely a personal decision you should base on your own opinion and financial situation.

The final consideration is selecting the arrangement, itself. We've highlighted a few ideas below that are our most popular items during the Memorial Day season. Keep in mind that red, white , and blue patriotic colors aren't the only choice for this time of year.As a matter of fact, the vast majority of the arrangements we sell this time of year aren't patriotic in nature.

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Premium Rosebud Spray with Fuchsia Pink and Lavender Flowers

Memorial Day Headstone Saddle ArrangementThis big, bold headstone saddle arrangement makes a stunning display when placed upon any headstone. It measures 32" side to side, 16" front to back, and stands 9" tall. The arrangement is a beautiful mound of pink, fuchsia, and lavender rosebuds filled in with baby's breath and leafy greens to make a large, full headstone topper. This spray arrangement can also be displayed on the ground covering the burial site, or on an easel.

Red White and Blue Hero Wreath for Veterans

Memorial Day Cemetery WreathThis 18" diameter wreath is perfect for the grave of US military veteran, police officer, fireman, or other first-responder. The wreath is made with artificial red, white, and blue carnations, and comes with a display easel to hold the wreath upright. White accent flowers and greenery completes the look. The matching blue ribbons are connected with a ribbon that says, "Hero".

Patriotic American White Wood Cross

This 24" tall white wooden cross is mounted with an artificial flower arrangement featuring red, white, and blue carnations, small white daisies, and fern greenery. The cross includes a coordinating blue bow, and is a great way to honor any Veteran or other American Patriot. The cross can be easily placed into the ground, and also makes a great roadside or temporary memorial.

Round Rosebud Cemetery Vase with Red White and Blue Flowers

Memorial Day cemetery vaseThis cemetery flower vase is a silk bouquet featuring patriotic red, white, and blue rosebuds. The flowers are complimented with baby's breath, accenting greenery, and a coordinating bow to fill it out. The arrangement ships in a plastic granite gray vase with a floral foam insert to stabilize the bouquet while on display. It has a stake to make it easy to insert into the ground, and stay upright. It can also be displayed in a permanent grave marker vase. The flowers stand 24" tall.

If you're looking for other Memorial Day flower arrangements, including those that aren't patriotic themed, visit our entire seasonal collection by clicking here.


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