If you want to make sure your loved ones' graves are kept in a well maintained fashion the following grave tending businesses can help.  Whether you are physically unable to do it yourself, or if the cemetery is too far away to make it feasible, these service providers can help.

Preferred Grave Tending Service Providers Listed By State


Boca Grave Care - Located in Pompano Beach, FL, Boca Grave Care provides the on-going loving care and concern you want.

They are dedicated to helping you to honor your loved one`s life with tending and decorating their resting place, offering full care and maintenance service with Gravesite Care Packages, discounts, and free floral decorations.

They offer a host of services, from the smallest to the largest which allows you to be comforted knowing that your loved ones resting place reflect the love you will always have for them.

South Carolina

Upstate Memorial Care - Upstate Memorial Care is a professional tombstone restoration & cleaning company dedicated to the preservation and care of monuments, memorials, bronze markers & plaques. Under our care your monuments and memorials will be well kept and maintained ensuring them a long life without the need for any expensive restoration services down the road.


More Grave Tending Service Providers Listed By State


San Diego Grave Groomers - Located in San Diego, California, we are a cemetery restoration, maintenance, and beautification company specializing in cleaning and restoring bronze and stone markers. Helping cemeteries and individuals care for grave markers. We are here to help you care for your loved ones’ monuments. Whether it would be cleaning once a year or regular maintenance, we customize our services for your needs.


Maine Gravesite Maintenance - Maine Gravesite Maintenance arose out of a genealogy quest to find family members. Upon visiting many rural cemeteries in Maine we realized that many stones and plots were in disrepair. We went about researching how to care for them properly, and came across Jonathan Appell, one of the most renowned experts in stone conservation and restoration. We trained with him and gained a wealth of knowledge and have put that knowledge to use, in both our business, helping local cemeteries determine what should be done first to a neglected cemetery and in helping others in the proper and best practices in caring for their cemetery stones and monuments.

We travel statewide cleaning, preserving, repairing, leveling and resetting headstones. We also offer plot beautification and now offer plot beautification to families getting ready to bury a loved one or those having a memorial service. We plant or deliver silk flowers or real flowers and have prepared our floral arrangements and stone saddles for years. We would love to help you with your cemetery care and always provide you with professional, respectful and prompt service.


Maryland Grave Care - We provide individualized grave site tending including gravestone cleaning, site cleaning, light landscaping (weeding, raking, trimming), planting of new flowers or attending to existing ones, and before-and-after visit photos sent directly to you. Site visits can be arranged on a planned service schedule or on a special occasion basis. Additional available services include planting and maintenance of a variety of annual and perennial flowering plants. Flowers and plantings for special occasions available based on seasonal blooming patterns. Grave site decorations can also be arranged for specific holidays including wreaths and greens for Christmas and flags for Memorial and Veterans Day.


Grave Matters - GRAVE MATTERS is the Grave Site Maintenance Division of Twins Lawn Service. We are a family owned and operated grave maintenance company located in Worcester, Massachusetts. This business was established in 2013 to provide the very best grave site maintenance service to keep the graves of your loved ones cared for when circumstances prevent you from being there.


Silent Keepers - Silent Keepers is dedicated to the beautification of grave sites and memorials. We celebrate the lives of those who have gone before by assisting you in caring for the final resting places of your family and friends. Recognizing that many factors may keep you away, Silent Keepers ensures your memories are honored for years to come. We take pride in tending to grave sites, monuments, columbariums and memory gardens with dignity, honor and respect.

Always Remember - Always Remember provides loving and personal care of gravesites. Through our own personal losses, we have been inspired to offer our services to other families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Most families are unaware that cemeteries do not provide perpetual care. Our Gravesite Tending Service will provide you and your family with the ability to visit your loved one's site in the most dignified manner possible. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind knowing that your loved one's site is continuously maintained in a beautiful and respectful manner when you are unable or unavailable to provide that care.

New Jersey

NJ Grave Care - At NJ Grave Care we take pride in maintaining your loved one’s final resting place. We understand that you cannot always tend to your loved one’s gravesite, that’s why we are here to provide memorial landscaping with dignity and care. We serve all of North and Central New Jersey.

New York

Grave Tenders - Grave Tenders is a local Saratoga County family run business based in Galway, New York that provides care and maintenance of graves and memorials for people who are unable to do this for themselves. We at Grave Tenders pride ourselves at being able to provide a personal and sensitive touch to ensure that your loved ones resting place is tendered with dignity, respect and to the highest standards. Our service is designed to give peace of mind to family, relatives and friends.

North Carolina

Care Gravers - Care Gravers are located in the Charlotte region of North Carolina. "When you cannot visit and tend the graves of your loved ones as often as you would like - allow us to take care for you."

We have always been what you might call "cemetery people." As former residents of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, we always found a way to volunteer in restoring or help maintain graveyards everywhere we went. Now in North Carolina for the past 11 years we are privileged to offer our assistance to anyone with a grave care need. We make every attempt to treat these sacred resting places as if they were of our own family.

Gravestone Guardians of North Carolina - Reflecting great empathy and care we provide professional grave site maintenance: Headstone Cleaning, Weeding, Marker or Foot-stone Cleaning, Bronze Marker Restoration, Lichen Removal, and Historic Marker Preservation. We NEVER power wash or use harsh chemicals on any stones. We are OSHA certified and fully insured. Most importantly, we are honored to provide these heart-warming services for your family.

We prefer to use D2 Biological Solution. This neutral PH balance non-ionic product that has been widely endorsed & used by the National Battlefield Park Systems including Arlington Cemetery and endorsed by the Veterans Administration.  Phone: 336-575-8721


Gravesite Guardians - Gravesite Guardians, LLC is dedicated to the preservation and care of family cemeteries and gravesites with dignity and respect in a professional manner. We promise to maintain each burial plot to ensure a long life without the need for any expensive future restoration services.

We would be honored to attend to your loved ones needs in the Northern Virginia Area including the counties of: Arlington, Fairfax, Fauquier, Loudoun and Prince William.

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