Father's Day Cemetery Flower Arrangement Recommendations

Choosing flower arrangements to leave on Dad's grave for Father's Day isn't always an easy task.  After all, we don't normally associate Dad with flowers, and are unlikely to know what kind of flowers he would've preferred.

In these situations, we think it's always best to defer to the flower choice that you prefer.  Normally, customers look towards colors that are more masculine, such as dark reds, purple, oranges, yellows, and blues.

Below are a few cemetery flower arrangement ideas from Graveside Flowers that we think any Dad would appreciate.

Premium Flower Garden Headstone Spray

Father's Day Headstone Spray ArrangementThis beautiful headstone spray is made with a wide array of masculine colors and various flower types.  It has deep red mums, dark purple peonies, strong yellow lilies, smaller accent flowers, and lush greens to fill out the arrangement.

The spray is 36" wide, 18" deep, and stands about 8" tall.  The arrangement includes a saddle to keep it secured to the top of the gravestone.

Dad Flower Wreath with Blue Roses

Father's Day Cemetery WreathThis 18" diameter wreath is constructed of dark blue roses, and lighter blue accent flowers.  It's accented with fern leaves, a pair of blue bows, and has a blue ribbon through the middle that says, "Dad".  If the blue doesn't really suit your tastes, this wreath is also available in a red/white combination or a purple/yellow version.

Dad Pillow Arrangements and Wire Stands

Father's Day Wire StandWe carry Dad pillow arrangements and wire stands, each of which come in 3 different masculine colors.  These are very popular arrangements because they're low in cost, and very easy to install at the grave site.  Too see all of our pillows and wire stands, click here.

We have many more great Father's Day memorial flower arrangements to choose from with prices as low as $7.99. We're sure that you'll find something that fits your budget, Dad would appreciate, and will make you happy, as well.

As always, Graveside Flowers provides free shipping on all orders over $49.  To see the entire collection, click here.

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