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Headstone Flower Arrangement Anchor


New and Improved!

Easier to Use!

This simple flower anchor easily attaches to the top of your headstone with a double-sided sticky tape product from 3M.  All you have to do is peel off the tape backing, adhere it to the stone, and then clip it to the bottom of your flower arrangement.  It takes only a few seconds to secure your flowers to the stone!

The tape is sticky enough to hold through bad weather, but NOT so sticky that it will damage the stone. To ensure a strong hold, you should clean the area you plan to attach the anchor prior to placing it on the stone.  (An alcohol swab works perfect for cleaning.)

The anchor comes with a simple set of instructions, but it's really self explanatory.  If you ever need help, you can call our toll-free customer support line at (844) 4-SPRAYS.

**NOTE: If the top of your stone is rough cut, we recommend using 2 anchors to ensure proper adhesion.

Here are the benefits of this low-cost anchor:

* Won't ever rust or damage the headstone in any way.

* Keeps your loved one's headstone looking beautiful all the time.

* Innovative product securely attaches floral arrangements (in particular, headstone sprays) to conventional headstones.

* Keeps floral arrangements from falling or blowing off the top of headstones.

* Eliminates the hassle of having to bend a wire headstone saddle to fit the headstone.

* Eliminates the need to use duct tape, fishing line, wire, or other means of securing floral arrangements to headstones.