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Headstone Flower Arrangement Anchor

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New & Improved!  Easier to Use!

The flower arrangement anchor easily attaches to the top of a headstone using double-sided sticky tape from 3M.  Simply peel off the tape backing, adhere it to the headstone, and clip the anchor to the bottom of the flower arrangement.  

Benefits of the Flower Arrangement Anchor:

  • Simply and easily secures floral arrangements from falling or blowing off the top of conventional headstones.
  • Protects investment in floral arrangement and thereby keeps a loved one's headstone looking beautiful.
  • Eliminates the need to use duct tape, fishing line, wire, or other means of securing floral arrangements to headstones. 
  • Anchor is small and hidden so it won't detract from the beauty of the flowers or headstone.   
  • Withstands inclement weather, but will NOT rust or damage the headstone.

The anchor ships with a simple set of instructions.  If additional help is needed, call our toll-free customer support line at (844) 4-SPRAYS.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact us at (844) 4-SPRAYS.

**NOTE: If the top of the headstone is rough cut, we recommend using 2 anchors to ensure proper adhesion.


All arrangements are made with high quality, artificial silk flowers.

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