Silk Cemetery Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Graveside Flowers has published our Christmas Collection of floral arrangements for 2014, and we would like to spotlight a few of our most popular items.

Headstone Sprays

Christmas Headstone Spray with Silk Poinsettias - 30 Inch - This economical headstone spray is priced at only $34.95, including the saddle. It's designed to site flat on the top of a grave market, but it could also be displayed on the ground as a small grave blanket. This beautiful spray is constructed of large, red poinsettias with smaller white poinsettias as accents. A large red bow in the center and greenery for accents completes the package. Click here for more details about this spray.


Christmas Poinsettia Cross - This is the nicest of our Christmas specific crosses. It stands 22" tall and is covered completely in red poinsettias, holly leaves, and small white poinsettias for accents. A red bow in the center of the cross ties it all together. The cross includes and easel for easy display at the grave site. To get more details about this cross, click here.


Christmas wreath
Christmas - 16 inch Artificial Poinsettia Wreath - At 16" in diameter, this wreath is the perfect size for most grave and memorial sites. The wreath is a beautiful ring of holly and ferns covered in red poinsettias and holly berries. A red bow on both sides balances out the presentation. This particular wreath is very popular because not only is it perfect for grave sites, but it also can be used in non-cemetery applications, such as your home or office. The 16" size makes it look great on doors! Click here to learn more, or buy one today.


Christmas - 17 Inch Round Cemetery Vase with Poinsettias - Our most popular Christmas vase, is the 17" round poinsettia vase. At only $29.99 these vases are an affordable option that makes a beautiful memorial display for the Holidays. These vases are very popular for flat grave markers that lay on the ground, but if you buy a pair and put one on either side, they also make a stunning display for upright gravestones. These vases have silk poinsettia plants secured with floral foam, and stick into the ground with a stake on the bottom. These are a perfect choice for cemeteries that are prone to high winds, as they easily stay put once secured in the ground. To get more details about this vase, or buy one for your loved one, click here.

Much More

The products highlighted above are just a small portion of the Christmas and Holiday cemetery arrangements we have available. If you would like to view the entire collection, you can do so by clicking here.
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