How to Choose Memorial Flowers for Holidays

Because we carry a wide variety of flowers for graves, some of our customers have expressed the need for some guidance when it comes to choosing an arrangement. Here is a list of holidays and suggestions for your floral choices that we hope will make your decision easier. Please remember that these are just suggestions. There are no right or wrong cemetery flowers to buy. It is a personal decision based on individual preferences. We believe any memorial flowers at all will honor your loved one’s memory and show that you care. Here are some holiday guidelines that may help you choose your graveside flowers:


Valentine’s Day – Heart-shaped wreaths, round wreaths and vase bouquets are popular for Valentine’s Day along with pink, red and white flowers.

Easter – Pastel colors represent Easter well. Larger displays like headstone sprays and, of course, crosses are very fitting to help celebrate the human triumph over death and spiritual immortality. St. Patrick’s Day – If your loved one was of Irish decent, celebrate this holiday with green wreaths or bushes.

Mother’s Day – Anything goes on Mother’s Day. Some prefer heart-shaped wreaths. Others like traditional vase bouquets. Our graveside pillows with the word “Mom” in flowers are very popular as well.  To see our most popular Mother's Day arrangements, click here.

Memorial Day – You can’t go wrong with red, white and blue. Round wreaths and crosses are good choices for this holiday. If your loved one died while serving his or her country, a headstone spray will display your special respect and pride. To see our most popular Memorial Day arrangements, click here.

Father’s Day – Bolder colors work well for Father’s Day. Blue, red, orange and white are great choices. Round wreaths, crosses and heart-shaped wreaths are all very appropriate. To see our most popular Father's Day arrangements, click here.

Independence Day – Red, white and blue are the obvious choices to celebrate this holiday. Bushes and wreaths are popular styles. To see our most popular flower arrangements for the 4th of July, click here.

Veteran’s Day – Crosses are very popular for Veteran’s Day to remind us that this loved one served his or her country. If he or she made the ultimate sacrifice, a larger floral display like a headstone spray or bush could be very appropriate. Patriotic colors are always fitting.

Labor Day – Anything goes for Labor Day. Wreaths, bushes, bouquets, crosses, pillows and headstone sprays are all appropriate. Colors vary as well. If your loved one had a favorite color , look for something that includes it. Choosing autumn colors will take you into the fall season as well.

Grandparent’s Day – The Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparent’s Day. Round wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths and pillows that say “Grandma” or “Grandpa” are perfect for this holiday. Maybe let the grand kids help pick this one out and start a discussion about their favorite memories of their grandparent(s). It’s a special way to keep their memory alive.

All Souls Day - This Christian holiday celebrated on November 2nd (November 3rd if Nov. 2nd is a Sunday) pays respect to the souls of all loved ones who have died and gone to heaven, but are still in purgatory. There are no traditional colors associated with All Souls Day, but fall colors work nicely since it is in November.

Thanksgiving – Traditional fall colors of burgundy, burnt orange and yellow are favorite choices for this holiday. Wreaths, vase bouquets, bushes and headstone sprays are all appropriate choices.

Christmas – Classic Christmas colors of red, green and white are popular with touches of silver and gold in the bows. Poinsettias are, of course, a great flower choice.

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This flowers are beautiful, I want to get a Christmas flowers for a Man in a Vase for the grave.

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