Mother's Day Ideas for Grave Flowers and Decorations

If you've lost your mother, or you would like to honor somebody else's mother who was dear to you, we have several great ideas for sprucing up their grave sites on Mother's Day. In addition to beautiful artificial flower arrangements designed specifically for cemeteries, we also carry several wonderful grave decorations.

Flower Arrangements that Say "Mom"

cemetery wreath for mother's dayThe arrangements we have that actually say "Mom" fit into three different groups. We have flowered wreaths, pillow arrangements, and wire stands for mothers.

For wreaths, we have a line of 18 and 16 inch diameter wreaths made from colorful flower combinations that include matching bows and a ribbon that says, "Mom". You can find them here.

Our Mom pillow arrangements come in several different colors, and are made with silk carnations. Mom is written using white carnations. These pillows are inexpensive and make a great memorial. You can find them here.

We also have Mom wire stands. They stand 22" tall and are easily inserted into the ground next to the memorial site. These are available in red, pink, and a pink/cream blend.

Flower Arrangements that Moms Love

These flower arrangements don't have "Mom" written anywhere on them, but they are our most popular purchases for Mother's Day.

Mother's day headstone flowersIf the grave marker is a standard upright style, a beautiful headstone spray would be a great way to honor your mother. Our premium headstone sprays are 36" wide and create a beautiful, full mound of flowers on top of the headstone. To see our premium headstone sprays, click here.

In addition to our sprays, we also have wonderful hoop basket bouquets that are made of silk roses, gladiolas, and fern greens to complement.  You can see our hoop baskets here.

Grave Decorations for Mom

These grave decorations are a nice addition to a flower arrangement, but they also look great on their own.

LED Lighted Grave MarkerIf you would like to create a look of eternal light on your mother's grave, you should look at our solar powered LED cemetery lights, such as this LED Lighted Grave Marker.

If none of the above idea are of particular interest to you, please visit our Mother's Day Collection page to see what other alternatives we have to offer. We're certain you'll find something that Mom would love!

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April 18, 2017 by Chuck Clark
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