Bushes and Refills by Graveside Flowers

Rosebud Bush with Gypsophila - Pink Flowers
Rosebud Bush with Gypsophila - Red Flowers
Rosebud Bush with Gypsophila - Fuchsia
Rose/Larkspur/Hydrangea - Mixed Silk Flower Combo
Rose/Larkspur/Hydrangea - Pink Silk Flower Combo
Rose Bush with Red Silk Flowers - 22 Inch
Rose Bush - Yellow - 22 inches
Dahlia and Gerber Daisy Mix Bush - Pink
Mixed Early Spring Bush - Red/Yellow/Purple/Blue Mix
Mixed Early Spring Bush - Pink/Purple Mix
Mixed Early Spring Bush - Yellow/Pink Mix
Peony and Lily Mixed Floral Bush - Fuchsia - On Sale!
Echinacea Bush with Foxtail - On Sale!
Star Gazer Mixed Bush - On Sale!
Calla Lily Bush - Burgundy  BLOW OUT SALE !! 50% OFF
Amaryllis Bush - Fuchsia - BLOW OUT SALE !! 50% OFF
Amaryllis Bush - Orange - BLOW OUT SALE !! 50% OFF
Gerbera Daisy Bush - Pink  BLOW OUT SALE !! 50% OFF
Zinnia Bush with Artificial Pink Flowers  BLOW OUT SALE !! 50% OFF

Artificial Flower Bushes - Bushes are a great choice for brightening up a grave site. Our bushes provide colorful floral decoration wherever you place them. Some people like to put one on each side of the headstone or marker and others prefer one bush centered in front. Either way, a beautiful silk cemetery bush will show others that your loved one was special and his or her family finds comfort in keeping their final resting place looking nice.


Wide Variety of Cemetery Bushes – You’re sure to find a cemetery bush that suits your needs. You can choose from a wide variety of silk flower types including colorful carnations, dazzling daisies, delicate rosebuds, full-size roses, cheery sunflowers and bold zinnias available in a wide array of colors. Or if you like the look of mixed flowers, we have several bouquets that combine varied flowers including a butterfly bouquet, wildflower bouquet and a mixed flower bouquet. You can choose from 42 different varieties in all. And that’s just our bushes. We have many more choices of arrangements.


Silk Flowers at Reasonable Prices – We price our bushes so you can afford to keep your loved one’s grave site looking great all year without worrying about spending too much money. For our convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and money orders. Ordering online is fast and easy.


Our Graveside Flower Bushes Are Versatile –You can place these bushes directly into the ground to create a natural effect or they can also be inserted into a Styrofoam block and placed in a plastic vase, thereby creating your own cemetery vase arrangement. It is for this reason that we sell Styrofoam blocks and plastic vases separately (see Accessories).


Bush Refills Make Graveside Flower Replacement Easy – If your loved one’s grave stone comes with a permanent vase or urn, our bush “refills” are made to be placed directly into it. No need to purchase a vase from us. Or if you’ve previously purchased a vase, it can remain and all you need to do is order new bushes for a graveside bouquet.