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Why Graveside Flowers makes it easy to honor memories of loved ones through beautiful artificial flower arrangements created specifically for graveside display. We offer a wide variety of styles perfect for every season, holiday or special occasion. Our artificial silk flowers last much, much longer than real flowers so your loved one’s grave site will look its best. Choose from a large selection of arranged silk flowers including headstone sprays, grave site pillows, memorial wreaths, vase bouquets, floral bushes, and graveside crosses.


High Quality Floral Arrangements

Our artificial flower arrangements are created of high-quality materials and will resist fading for months. They are designed to withstand outdoor elements like sun, rain and snow and maintain their fresh look and color. Silk flowers will last for months, but real flowers only last a few days at most. We want your cemetery flowers to look good and display your love for a long time. Our bows are machine made for consistency and quality and are color coordinated with the flowers in our displays. Keep your loved one’s grave site looking beautiful with high-quality artificial flowers from Graveside Flowers. Most of our products are made in the USA!


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Artificial Silk Flowers for Cemeteries and Graves

Artificial Silk Flowers Information

Silk Cemetery Flower Arrangements for Christmas

Graveside Flowers has published our Christmas Collection of floral arrangements for 2014, and we would like to spotlight a few of our most popular items.

Headstone Sprays

Christmas Headstone Spray with Silk Poinsettias - 30 Inch - This economical headstone spray is priced at only $34.95, including the saddle. It's designed to site flat on the top of a grave market, but it could also be displayed on the ground as a small grave blanket. This beautiful spray is constructed of large, red poinsettias with smaller white poinsettias as accents. A large red bow in the center and greenery for accents completes the package. Click here for more details about this spray.


Christmas Poinsettia Cross - This is the nicest of our Christmas specific crosses. It stands 22" tall and is covered completely in red poinsettias, holly leaves, and small white poinsettias for accents. A red bow in the center of the cross ties it all together. The cross includes and easel for easy display at the grave site. To get more details about this cross, click here.


Christmas wreath
Christmas - 16 inch Artificial Poinsettia Wreath - At 16" in diameter, this wreath is the perfect size for most grave and memorial sites. The wreath is a beautiful ring of holly and ferns covered in red poinsettias and holly berries. A red bow on both sides balances out the presentation. This particular wreath is very popular because not only is it perfect for grave sites, but it also can be used in non-cemetery applications, such as your home or office. The 16" size makes it look great on doors! Click here to learn more, or buy one today.


Christmas - 17 Inch Round Cemetery Vase with Poinsettias - Our most popular Christmas vase, is the 17" round poinsettia vase. At only $29.99 these vases are an affordable option that makes a beautiful memorial display for the Holidays. These vases are very popular for flat grave markers that lay on the ground, but if you buy a pair and put one on either side, they also make a stunning display for upright gravestones. These vases have silk poinsettia plants secured with floral foam, and stick into the ground with a stake on the bottom. These are a perfect choice for cemeteries that are prone to high winds, as they easily stay put once secured in the ground. To get more details about this vase, or buy one for your loved one, click here.

Much More

The products highlighted above are just a small portion of the Christmas and Holiday cemetery arrangements we have available. If you would like to view the entire collection, you can do so by clicking here.

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How to Choose Memorial Flowers for Holidays

Because we carry a wide variety of flowers for graves, some of our customers have expressed the need for some guidance when it comes to choosing an arrangement. Here is a list of holidays and suggestions for your floral choices that we hope will make your decision easier. Please remember that these are just suggestions. There are no right or wrong cemetery flowers to buy. It is a personal decision based on individual preferences. We believe any memorial flowers at all will honor your loved one’s memory and show that you care. Here are some holiday guidelines that may help you choose your graveside flowers:


Valentine’s Day – Heart-shaped wreaths, round wreaths and vase bouquets are popular for Valentine’s Day along with pink, red and white flowers.

Easter – Pastel colors represent Easter well. Larger displays like headstone sprays and, of course, crosses are very fitting to help celebrate the human triumph over death and spiritual immortality. St. Patrick’s Day – If your loved one was of Irish decent, celebrate this holiday with green wreaths or bushes.

Mother’s Day – Anything goes on Mother’s Day. Some prefer heart-shaped wreaths. Others like traditional vase bouquets. Our graveside pillows with the word “Mom” in flowers are very popular as well.  To see our most popular Mother's Day arrangements, click here.

Memorial Day – You can’t go wrong with red, white and blue. Round wreaths and crosses are good choices for this holiday. If your loved one died while serving his or her country, a headstone spray will display your special respect and pride. To see our most popular Memorial Day arrangements, click here.

Father’s Day – Bolder colors work well for Father’s Day. Blue, red, orange and white are great choices. Round wreaths, crosses and heart-shaped wreaths are all very appropriate. To see our most popular Father's Day arrangements, click here.

Independence Day – Red, white and blue are the obvious choices to celebrate this holiday. Bushes and wreaths are popular styles. To see our most popular flower arrangements for the 4th of July, click here.

Veteran’s Day – Crosses are very popular for Veteran’s Day to remind us that this loved one served his or her country. If he or she made the ultimate sacrifice, a larger floral display like a headstone spray or bush could be very appropriate. Patriotic colors are always fitting.

Labor Day – Anything goes for Labor Day. Wreaths, bushes, bouquets, crosses, pillows and headstone sprays are all appropriate. Colors vary as well. If your loved one had a favorite color , look for something that includes it. Choosing autumn colors will take you into the fall season as well.

Grandparent’s Day – The Sunday after Labor Day is Grandparent’s Day. Round wreaths, heart-shaped wreaths and pillows that say “Grandma” or “Grandpa” are perfect for this holiday. Maybe let the grand kids help pick this one out and start a discussion about their favorite memories of their grandparent(s). It’s a special way to keep their memory alive.

All Souls Day - This Christian holiday celebrated on November 2nd (November 3rd if Nov. 2nd is a Sunday) pays respect to the souls of all loved ones who have died and gone to heaven, but are still in purgatory. There are no traditional colors associated with All Souls Day, but fall colors work nicely since it is in November.

Thanksgiving – Traditional fall colors of burgundy, burnt orange and yellow are favorite choices for this holiday. Wreaths, vase bouquets, bushes and headstone sprays are all appropriate choices.

Christmas – Classic Christmas colors of red, green and white are popular with touches of silver and gold in the bows. Poinsettias are, of course, a great flower choice.

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Artificial Flower Rules for National Cemeteries

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), who maintains most of our national cemeteries, has several rules in place to maintain a nicely landscaped and attractive resting place for our fallen heroes. Many of these rules are blanket rules that cover all national cemeteries. However, the rules regarding placement of artificial flowers varies from cemetery to cemetery.

Two of the national cemeteries that aren't maintained by the VA, Arlington National Cemetery and the US Soldier's and Airmen's National Cemetery, are maintained by the Department Army. While each cemetery has its own rules regarding the placement of artificial flowers, most tend to follow the rules set by Arlington, which are as follows.

As a general rule, silk flowers and potted plants will be allowed on graves:

  • *For a period extending 10 days before Easter Sunday to 10 days after.
  • *For a period extending 10 days before Memorial Day to 10 days after.
  • *Christmas wreaths, potted poinsettias, and other seasonal adornments may be placed on graves from December 10th through January 10th.

Some National cemeteries have slight variances in their artificial flower rules, such as Leavenworth National Cemetery, who's rules are as follows: "Artificial flowers and potted plants will be permitted on graves during periods when their presence will not interfere with grounds maintenance. As a general rule, artificial flowers and potted plants will be allowed on graves for a period extending seven days before through seven days after Easter Sunday and Memorial Day. Christmas wreaths, grave blankets and other seasonal adornments may be placed on graves from Dec. 1 through Jan. 20. They may not be secured to headstones or markers."

Fort Snelling National Cemetery has a more open policy towards artificial flowers, allowing them to be placed on graves anytime outside of mowing season, which they consider to be October 1st through April 1st.

Some other rules that should be adhered to are:

  • *Floral items should be placed at the side of headstones in line with the headstone row. This allows for equipment operations and prevents damage to floral items.
  • *Floral items should not be secured to headstones or markers.
  • *Permanent plantings, statues, vigil lights, breakable objects, pinwheels, balloons, toys and stuffed animals and similar commemorative items are not permitted on the graves at any time.
  • *Don't place any items that are considered offensive, inconsistent with the dignity of the cemetery, or considered hazardous to cemetery personnel.

There are also some national cemeteries that are maintained by the National Parks Service. The flower rules at these sites can be vague and arbitrary.  According to the Parks Service website, "The placement on a grave of fresh cut or artificial flowers in or on a metal or other non-breakable rod or container designated by the superintendent is allowed at times designated by the superintendent."

If you're unsure of the rules for artificial flowers at a particular national cemetery, your best option is to either call the cemetery office and ask about their policies, or search online for them. Below are links to flower rules for some national cemeteries. For most cemeteries, any of the products found on our vases and hoop basket collection page will be allowed.

*Graveside Flowers can deliver orders directly to national cemeteries (or any other cemetery that maintains an office) however, you will need to make arrangements to have the flowers placed at the grave site.

Links to National Cemeteries Artificial Flower Policies:

City Point National Cemetery

Chattanooga National Cemetery

Calverton National Cemetery


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