Flower Accessories by Graveside Flowers

Lighted Decorative Cemetery Cross - Solar Powered
Lighted Decorative Grave Marker - Solar Powered
Headstone Flower Arrangement Anchor - Aluminum
Double Headstone Saddle
Headstone Saddle
Granite Gray Cup-Shaped Cemetery Vase
Green Cup-Shaped Cemetery Vase
Green Cone-Shaped Cemetery Vase
Foam Cone for Cemetery Vase (sold in quantity of 1ea)
Floral Foam for Cemetery Vase
24 inch Spray Easel
17 inch Flower Easel

Graveside Flowers Accessories - Our cemetery floral accessories include Styrofoam blocks (inserts), plastic vases, headstone saddles, and easels. You can use an Insulbead (like Styrofoam ) insert and one of our plastic vases to convert our colorful bushes into custom-made cemetery vase arrangements. Easels are perfect for propping up memorial flowers like wreaths or sprays so they can be seen and enjoyed. Headstone saddles allow you to raise your graveside flowers even higher so they can adorn the gravestone itself. These items are needed by some customers but not by others, so rather than include them with the flowers and have to charge everyone, we sell them individually for a very minimal price. We strive to provide the floral accessories you need to keep your graveside flowers looking their best. Any accessories you order will be included in your shipment with your flowers so you have everything you need when your order arrives. We have carefully chosen graveside flower accessories that are durable and will withstand the outdoor elements. Below is a brief description of the cemetery flower accessories that we carry.

White Insulbead for Cemetery Vases – This sturdy material is perfect for supporting our artificial flower bushes. The insulbead holds the bushes upright and the shape keeps them from tipping over inside the vase. The insulbead material holds up well and is impervious to moisture, so even after a hard rain, your memorial flowers will look great.

17-Inch Easel for Cemetery Sprays – Our 17-inch easel is the perfect accessory for supporting your cemetery sprays and wreaths. The wire legs are easy to push into the ground and the tripod design keeps the floral display from twisting or turning so it’s always facing the right direction. The spike at the top holds the memorial flower wreath or spray firmly to the easel so wind won’t knock it over or blow it off.

24-Inch Easel for Cemetery Sprays – Our 21-inch easel is identical to our smaller version but is ideal for larger wreaths and sprays. If your wreath is over 17 inches, we recommend the 24-inch easel.

Headstone Saddle for Floral Sprays – Our headstone saddles are special metal brackets specifically made to fit over the headstone without harming it. The saddle has four bendable metal arms you can shape to make your graveside flower arrangement look its best. The arms are equipped with protective covers to prevent the headstone from being scratched.

Cemetery Floral Vases – Our sturdy plastic vases are ideal because they are weather proof and last a long time. You can choose from two styles (cone or cup) in green and we also offer a cup style with a faux granite look. Both styles are equally effective and are priced the same at $3.99, so it’s really just a matter of preference.

  • Green Plastic Cemetery Flower Vase (Cone)
  • Green Plastic Cemetery Flower Vase (Cup)
  • Granite-Look Plastic Flower Vase

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