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Ultimate Headstone Flower Package for Christmas - SAVE 10%


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* Create a stunning headstone flower display for the Christmas Season using this combination of flower arrangements, and save money doing so.

* Package includes 1 Premium Poinsettia Headstone Spray and 2 matching vases.

* Save 10% over individual pricing.

* The 32 inch wide headstone spray features red poinsettias, smaller white poinsettias, and complimentary greenery to fill out the arrangement. When placed on top of a headstone, it makes a very lush Christmas display.

* The 2 matching vases are each 30 inches tall, and when placed on either side of the headstone, create the perfect compliment to the spray arrangement.


We recommend a Headstone Flower Arrangement Anchor to secure sprays to the stone.  To learn more about this anchor, click here.