The Best Way to Attach Flowers to a Headstone

Placing an elegant flower arrangement on top of a headstone is a beautiful way to memorialize a loved one who has passed.  But how do you attach the flowers so they don't blow away in the first wind that rolls through the cemetery after you've place them?  You obviously don't want to have your flowers lost, but you also don't want to attach them in a fashion that looks bad or might damage the stone.

The headstone spray, which is a very popular style of grave site floral arrangement, can be placed on the ground atop the grave, on an easel next to the grave stone, or perched on top of the stone.  Of the three options, having the spray on top of the stone looks the best, and is how the arrangement was really intended to be displayed.

Most sprays are sold with a saddle that is made of coat hanger-like wire that is bent to fit over the top of the stone and hold it in place.  These saddles do a decent job of holding the flowers in place, but they can still be blown away if the wind gets strong.  The other issues with saddles is often times they look cheap, and if they're made from low-cost materials, can rust and leave rusty streaks running down the face of the stone.

We've also seen other strategies for attaching flowers that are quite crude, ineffective, and unattractive, such as the use of plastic wrap, duct tape, wire, zip ties, and fishing line.  While some of these strategies are quite creative and border on engineering marvels, they typically don't look very good.  Especially when you get close!

The Best Solution


Graveside Flowers sells a product that will anchor your flowers to a headstone in a way that is completely hidden from view, won't damage the stone, will hold up to a strong wind, is made from aluminum, so it won't rust...and doesn't cost that much more than a roll of duct tape. This innovative headstone flower arrangement anchor (pictured to the right) retails for just $14.99 and makes a perfect, and permanent, solution to the problem of securing flowers on top of a grave marker.



To buy one for yourself, click on the following link: 


July 07, 2016 by Chuck Clark

How Artificial Flowers are Made


Artificial flowers are gaining in popularity for a myriad of uses. In addition to being used as grave site decorations and memorials, such as the flowers we offer, artificial flowers are seen much more often in the home, and even at weddings.


Their popularity on graves are obviously due to their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and lack of need for maintenance. However, their rise in popularity in the home and at weddings can be tied to the quality of the artificial flowers being produced today. Some flowers produced today are so life-like and realistic that you need to get right up to them and even touch them before you can tell they're not real. The question is, how do they make them look so real at such a reasonable price?artificial flower arrangement


Designing the Flowers

The first step in the manufacturing process is to design the flowers. In this day and age of computer aided design, this process is much faster, and more exact. Designers are able to use live examples to create two dimensional designs and three dimensional components for each individual flower to be used as molds and templates.


Choosing Materials

Due to cost of materials, most "silk" flowers aren't actually mad with silk. The term "silk flowers" has become interchangeable with "artificial flowers", which can lead to some confusion for consumers. The artificial flowers that are made with silk are very expensive, and not something you would typically use outdoors. In addition to silk, many of the softer (higher cost) flowers are made with cotton or rayon.


When it comes to lower priced versions, polyester and plastic are the materials most widely used. In addition to being lower in cost, these materials are much more durable and weather resistant, so the last longer and remain better looking during prolonged outdoor exposure. These flowers are the ones most suitable for use in cemetery, grave, or memorial setting. They're also the ones you can purchase here at Graveside Flowers.


Manufacturing the Flowers

Using the digital designs, flower manufacturers create molds of the individual flower components. In order to create the realistic look, the flower component are made individually and then assembled into the individual flowers or arrangements. To save on materials and make the products easier to display, bouquets and arrangements are often made using only one stem, rather than individual stems for each flower. On higher priced, handmade silk versions, you will get individual stems for each flower, just as you would with real flowers. however, once again, this contributes to the higher price of the flowers.


Choosing the Right Flowers

Before deciding on which flowers of various manufacturing process (and various prices) you should buy, you need to ask yourself what the flowers are for. If you want flowers that will be used as home decorations, choosing more expensive, handmade flowers would likely be your best option due to the realistic look and fee. If your flowers are going to be used in a wedding or other onetime event, your budget for the event should guide your decision. If you're buying flowers to use in an outdoor setting for long periods of time, the economical flowers you can buy here are your best option.


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