Choosing the Right Flowers to Put on a Grave

Leaving flowers at the grave or memorial site for somebody who has passed away is something many of us feel the need to do. However, we want to make sure we do it in a way that will properly reflect upon, and honor, the life of our late loved one. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose just the right flowers. Should the flowers be bright and festive, or should they be more subtle and understated? Should we buy a wreath, a bouquet, a pillow, or a spray? How many flowers should we place on the grave?

All of these questions really boil down to what your instincts tell you to do. There is no right or wrong. However, we'd like to give you some general thoughts that might help you follow your instincts to the perfect graveside flowers.

Flower Meanings
Flowers carry a lot of symbolism, which is very important for remembrances. Listed below are some of the artificial silk flowers we sell here, and what each one symbolizes:flowers for cemeteries


More Symbolism
Wreaths are customary at funerals as symbols of life, death and the immortality of the soul. A wreath may be used at a grave site as a symbol of hope that the spirit as moved on and surpassed the death of the body.

Final Thoughts
When choosing flowers to leave at a grave, let your heart be your guide. If your memories of the deceased make you think of a field of daisies, leave a bouquet of daisies. If you have a special memory of the person where a vase of roses was present, leave a vase of roses. In these situations, more often than not, your heart will lead you in the right direction.






June 07, 2018 by Chuck Clark
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Draven said:

Hello, i’ve never left flowers at a gravesite before because most of the funerals i have gone to i was too little to know what flowers to leave. I am now 17, about to turn 18. My father passed away when i was a baby, and i have never visited his grave nor met any of his family members. I know he was a loving man, with much passion in his soul, and had so much love for myself and my mother. I plan on visiting his grave on my 18th birthday alone… And i don’t know what flower/wreath/ornament would be appropriate for the occassion since i have never done it before; but i know i should leave something. Any thoughts or ideas? Any help would be fantastic.

Graveside Flowers said:


We’re very sorry for your loss. We have a collection of products that are designed specifically for dads. You can find it here:

Hayleigh Austin said:

I was 7 when my Cuz past away she was 27 I have visited her grave some many time I just don’t know what kind of flowers to put on her graveI know her favorite color was yellow but I don’t know what to put on her grave My mom always makes her flowers so I have been trying to make her some flowers but I don’t know what kind to put on it

Graveside Flowers said:


There’s no wrong answer to which flowers to choose. Let your heart be your guide. The fact that you placed any flowers shows your love and care, and that’s what’s most important.

danouche said:

My boyfriend pass away recently i never visit his grave because i wasn’t ready. I am ready mow i need to known what kind the flower to get.

anaretha said:

my mother pass away august 2016 i want to take some. flowers. to her grave i don’t no what kind and were to buy. them at

Graveside Flowers said:


I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother! We sell a wide variety of flower arrangements, and would be happy to help you choose the right ones.

If you call our customer support number at (844) 477-7297, we’d be happy to help you with this.

scott said:

I had no idea that different types of flowers meant different things. After reading this article, I now understand why people in movies, tv shows and in real life give red roses as a symbol of their love. I had no idea that a daisy flower was a symbol of innocence. This is definitely something to keep in mind when buying flowers for a grave site, or just for your own mother.

Alex said:

What sort of flowers would you recommend for a younger sibling’s grave? I’ve never left flowers on a grave before and I wouldn’t want to leave ones that seem inappropriate for this kind of grave in particular. I’d appreciate some feedback because I’m really not sure.

Graveside Flowers said:


It would vary depending upon the age of your sibling when they passed away. Were they an infant, a child, a teenager, or an adult?

If they were older, I would think about what your younger sibling might like. What were their favorite colors, what was their personality like, etc.

If they were younger, I would look for arrangements designed to honor infants.

June said:

Our granddaughter was stillborn last year. It will be coming up on a year and was wondering what type of flower to leave at the gravesite. Any suggestions?

Samantha Zink said:

My name is Samantha and I have recently lost my fiancé on the 25th, we have four beautiful babies together, if you can please help me with what flowers would be great for him I’d really appreciate it thank you.

Joyce said:

If a double headstone has vases on each side for flowers and only one of the couple has passed, do you put flowers on both sides or just the side of the deceased?

Graveside Flowers said:


Most people put vases on both sides to keep a symmetrical look.

Shelly said:

Hi can you help we put fresh flowers on our parents grave every wk but the sqirrels keep eating them any thing you can suggest to stop this or flowers they dnt like thanks

Graveside Flowers said:


Animals do love fresh flowers, but NOT silk ones. None of the flower arrangements we sell will be attractive to hungry animals.

Mary said:

I am attending the funeral of my aunt who was my uncle’ wife. He has already passed away, and her grave will be right next to him. Is it ok to place flowers on his grave at her funeral?

Graveside Flowers said:


Yes, it is.

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